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Aicar 60 x 10mg

Increased endurance

Increased rate of fat burning

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Endurance increased:

Cells can receive energy more efficiently; it assists in enabling blood to flow in or through the circulatory system on a freer basis.

Fat burning rate increased:

Because the cells in body receive more energy on a much more efficient basis so their bodies have ability or tendency to break down fat tissue faster to compensate for this increase efficiency.

This steroid is used most importantly to stimulate muscle growth increase and improves the physical strength and endurance athlete muscles which helps to maintain the nor male and stable appetite.


If we study the dose, on average, the best and optimal dose of the doses of this drug is in the range of 50-100 mg per day.


Women and bodybuilders can also use this drug, but in this case like as same as in many others, the dosage will be minimal amount of a substance in order to staying away or to avoid excessive exposure to the women or female body and occurrence of adverse effects. The dose will be in between 25-50 mg of material, for women.

Benefits and advantages

  •         This medicine does have low androgenic activity and have potent anabolic activity and it’s very useful for building body mass.
  •         It can also cause a very significant retention of sodium and water at high doses same as in all anabolic steroids it enhances protein synthesis and nitrogen balance.
  •         Muscle mass increases moderately.
  •         This drug also increases the power performance.
  •         Conversion into estrogen it means that this drug lack in aromatization.
  •         It also enhances appetite.
  •         Muscles vascularity also improves by using it.
  •         The number of red blood cells increased by this. The stimulation in production of red blood cells leads to the fact that muscles got more oxygen and can go longer without decay.

Not useable in case of:

  •         If the person or user of medicine is already suffering from any severe disease like any cancer or tumor.
  •         It is not useable if the patient is allergic to the meta-cresol compound.
  •         The persons having weak in bones and are suffering from closed epiphyses then this drug will not be recommended.
  •         If the person is suffering from diabetes.

Consult the physician and doctor before use and for proper and definite dosage recommended because overdose or in case of self-medication can result in exaggerated problems like nausea, hunger, sweating, increased blood sugar level and drowsiness.


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Aicar 60 x 10mg

Aicar 60 x 10mg

Increased endurance

Increased rate of fat burning

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