About HGH 176-191

HGH 176-191 is a small fragment of the growth hormone. Obtained from its molecule it contains of amino acids from 176 to 191 and has powerful fat burning effect.


Growth hormone fragment HGH 176-191 starts the process of lipolysis in human body and stimulates active weight loss due to the processing of their own fat tissue and the release of a large amount of the energy which is necessary for training and life activity.


The effects of the use of HGH 176-191

Rapid burning of body fat tissue

Slowing down the aging processes of the whole organism

Strengthening of bone tissue

Increasing the amount of produced energy due to the natural lipolysis


This peptide not only supports the burning of existing fat deposits but also blocks the formation of new ones. At the same time its effect does not cause the drops of sugar levels in blood and does not lead to the proliferation of body cells.Everyone who wants to take care about his body weight and adhere to the sports lifestyle should buy HGH Fregment 176-191 and regularly intake it.   


Numerous reviews of peptide HGH Frag 176-191 show that it is possible to enhance the effective action of the peptide combining its admission with a low calorie diet and an additional protein intake.


Application and dosage of HGH 176-191

The optimal dosage of HGH 171-191 peptide is 600-1000 mcg per day divided into 3-6 injections administered subcutaneously.

A course lasts from 2 to 3 months on average. The main thing is that all injections should be administered only on an empty stomach (at least 1 hour before meals) or directly before the workout (30 minutes before the start of training).    


The approximate scheme of the peptide administration:

1) one hour before breakfast, 200 mg;

2) one hour before lunch, 200 g;

3) 30 minutes before training, 200 mcg.


Days off:

1) one hour before breakfast, 200 mg;

2) one hour before lunch, 200 g;

3) before going to bed, 200 mcg.


Side effects and contraindications

Being absolutely natural to the body the peptide HGH Frag 176-191 does not cause any side effects and has no contraindications for age and sex. Its only disadvantage can be injection site burning which is personal reaction on the administration of the peptide.


Application information is posted for the informational purposes only.