About TB500

TB500 is a preparation that is obtained synthetically and is a complete analog of a natural peptide Thymosin beta 4, which is produced by the human body. This substance has been used in medicine for a long time, in order to accelerate the healing and recovery process.


TB 500 consists of 44 amino acids and has a unique ability to neutralize the effects of stress quickly and restore the body at the cellular level. A powerful reparative effects of the peptide cause a sharp burst of vital activity in all body organs and systems without causing addiction or rejection. It is recommended for athletes, bodybuilders and people recovering from injuries or cardiovascular diseases to buy TB-500 and take it regularly.


Recent studies have shown that TB500 has a direct effect on the strength and endurance of the athletes and bodybuilders during intensive workouts and competitions. It helps recovering body faster and achieving good results as well as it cannot be detected by doping control.


The effects of the TB500 use

The growth of muscle tissue

Increased strength and endurance of the athletes and bodybuilders

Muscle tone increase

Fast body recovery after workouts

Acceleration of metabolism on the cellular level

Anti-inflammatory effect


Positive reviews of the peptide TB 500 clearly show the effectiveness of the peptide during workouts and recovery after injuries or diseases. Its composition is also completely analogous to the natural peptide, it is not prohibited and can not be interpreted as doping.


Application and dosage of TB-500

Administration course of TB500 peptide lasts from 2 to 3 months on average. In order to achieve the maximum effect it can be roughly divided into two phases - loading and support phases.

Loading phase: 2 - 6 mg divided in 2 injections per week. Phase duration: 1 month.

Support: 2 - 4 mg also used within one week. Duration: 1 - 2 months.


The injections are administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously strictly adhering the solution preparation instructions.


Side effects and contraindications

Attractive price of TB 500 and its huge medical potential make the peptide one of the most accessible and popular tools for rapid recovery of the body while giving energy to it. A lack of side effects and contraindications makes it possible to use for everybody who wants to keep a healthy body and achieve good results in sports or physical works.


Application information is posted for informational purposes only.