About Hexarelin

Hexarelin is a peptide that has the same characteristics properties as the growth hormone. The only difference is that it has a more pronounced effect. This increases the production of cortisol and prolactin. The peptide affects the body, improving skin, strengthening the immune system and also having a protective effect on the liver.


The effects of the use of Hexarelin

reduction of the fat tissue

slowing down of age-related changes that affects the condition of the skin and hair

increase in strength

increase of bone strength

protection of liver cells

eliminating inflammatory processes


In addition to the above Hexarelin provides the formation of a muscle pattern relief. It is also important to note the fact that it stimulates the growth hormone, so it can be used for the same indications.


Application and dosage of Hexarelin

The optimal single dose is 1 microgram per kilogram of body weight.

Injections are administered 3 times a day: after workout, 15 minutes before the meal and before going to bed. Course duration is from 4 to 8 weeks. During a 3-4 weeks of break the  functions of pituitary gland are normalised.


To achieve a pronounced effect you should always choose the correct dosage and scheme of use. Hexarelin may be used both in pure form and as complex with other peptides. Particularly it goes well with CJC-1295 DAC. Just note that the duration of the course should not exceed eight weeks. Otherwise the habituation will be formed so the injections will not bring the desired effect anymore. To continue the course it is enough to take a break of 3-4 weeks.


Side effects and contraindications

Before you buy Hexarelin, it is important to exclude contraindications and define the possible side effects of the peptide. As a side effect a local reaction in the form of a burning sensation may appear. Usually it disappears within few minutes after the peptide administration. Since the probability of complications or side effects is minimal the peptide can be used even as treatment for the children.

Application information is posted for the informational purposes only.