About Sermorelin

Sermorelin is a peptide responsible for the production of growth hormone in the human body. Being a complete analogue of substance synthesized by the hypothalamus, it causes fast growth of muscle and bone accelerating the cell metabolism.


By keeping the necessary level of growth hormone in the body, Sermorelin peptide notably  helps athletes and bodybuilders to achieve their results and supports early recovery after workouts.


The effects of the use of Sermorelin

Improved appetite

Increased muscle growth

Fat burning effect

Improving of sleep quality

Neutralizing the effects of stress and overload

Keeping testosterone at normal level


Peptide Sermorelin is recommended for use for people who lead an active lifestyle and for children with slow growth. In addition, the peptide has proven to be highly effective against premature aging and its symptoms.


Application and dosage of Sermorelin

The peptide is administered by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. The daily dosage is calculated according to the attached instructions and is 100-200 mcg, depending on body weight. The number of injections are from 1 to 3 daily.


To prepare the solution the peptide is diluted with injection water and can be stored in the refrigerator up to 10 days.


Side effects and contraindications

This  peptide is well tolerated because it fully consists of amino acids. Numerous Sermorelin reviews show that this peptide is very effective and easily assimilated by the organism.


Regular use of the Sermorelin causes a surge of cell activity which provides the necessary amount of growth hormone in the body. Such effect also provides continuous process of rehabilitation and regenerative functions.

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Application information is posted for the informational purposes only.