About CJC1295 DAC

CJC1295DAC relates to tetrasubstituted peptide hormones, whose structure consists of 30 amino acids. The main purpose of this peptide is to stimulate the production of growth hormone. The peptide is available in injectable form and is used in standard practice medicine as well as in the sports medicine.


The main advantage of CJC1295 DAC  is its continuous half-life, which lasts up to 2 weeks in certain circumstances. It has the ability to contact with the plasma protein so the effect of active substances increases significantly. This peptide is popular among the athletes who are forced to stop their trainings for a while but want to keep their shape and relief of muscles.


The usage of CJC1295DAC helps to speed up the period of recovery after serious injuries. Additionally this peptide helps to reduce the amount of fat tissue and increase muscle mass, even without training.


The effects of the use of CJC1295-DAC

Increase in endurance and strength

Increase in number of muscle cells

Body fat reduction

Increase of bone tissue density

Reduction of possibility of ligament and cartilage injuries

Sleep quality improvement


The apparent increase of the muscle tissue due to its swelling is noted during the course of the CJC1295DAC and it has been confirmed by numerous positive reviews of the peptide.


Application and dosage of CJC1295-DAC

The recommended scheme of the peptide administration is  1000-2000 mcg twice a week. Duration of the course should not exceed 4 months.


To prepare an injection dilution, injection water is used. Right after dissolution of the powder the dilution is ready for use and may be stored in the refrigerator for 10 days. If you use bactericidal water then storage time increases up to one month. It is important not to shake the bottle during mixing the dilution but to rotate it slowly, ensuring complete dissolution of powdered hormone.


To achieve the desired results the athletes should strictly watch the dosage and rules of application. In our online store you can buy CJC1295 DAC 2mg for a desirable price. We offer products only from verified suppliers, so you can be sure in the authenticity of the product.


Side effects and contraindications

Despite the fact that the price of CJC1295-DAC in our online store is quite low you should not exceed the dosage as this will lead to the progression of side effects. In case of strict instruction adhering the result will be noticed after the first use.


Application information is posted for the informational purposes only.

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